Acronyms and abbreviations

AEC: Alternative Ecological Category

AHEAD: Animal Health for Environment And Development

AWARD: Association for Water & Rural Development

APP: Annual Performance Plan

APPA: Air Pollution Prevention Plan

ARC: Agricultural Research Council

AQMP: Air Quality Management Plan


B2O: Back 2 Office

BBOP: Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme

BBR: Bushbuck Ridge

BD: Biodiversity

BGIS: Biodiversity-GIS (website

BSP: South African national Parks: Biodiversity Social Projects

BLSA: Bird Life South Africa

BMP-E: Biodiversity Management Plans for Ecosystems

BMP-S: Biodiversity Management Plans for Species

BSSA: Biodiversity Stewardship South Africa


CARA: Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act

CBA: Critical Biodiversity Area

CBD: Convention on Biological Diversity

CBNRM: Community Based Natural Resource Management

CC: Climate Change

CDM: Capricorn District Municipality

CLaRA: Communal Land Rights Act of 2004

CR: Critically Endangered

CREW: Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers

C-Plan: Conservation plan

CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

CMA: Catchment Management Agency

CMF: Catchment Management Forums

CoP: Conference of the Parties

COGTA: Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs

CRDP: Comprehensive Rural Development Programme

CSIR: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

CUMICS: Cubic meters per second

CPA: Communal Property Association


DAFF: Department of Forestry and Fisheries

DEA: Department of Environmental Affairs

DCAs: Damage Causing Animals

DM: District municipulity

DMR: Department of Minerals and Resources

DRDLR: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

DARDLA: Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Administration

DS: Desired State

DWA: Department of Water Affairs


EDRR: Early Detection and Rapid Response (programme dealing with invasive alien


EEZ: Exclusive Economic Zone

EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment

EM: Environmental Monitors

EMF: Environmental Management Framework

EMI: Environmental Management Inspector

EMP: Environmental Management Plan

EMZ: Environmental Management Zone

EN: Endangered

ER: Ecological Reserve

ESA: Ecological Support Area

EPIP: Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme

EPWP: Expanded Public Works Programme

ES:  Ecosystem Services

EWT: Endangered Wildlife Trust


FEPA: Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Area

FPA: Fire Protection Association

FES: Forestry Economic Services

FMD: Foot and Mouth Disease


GDARD: Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

GEF: United Nations Development Program: Global Environment Facility

CEPF: Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

GLTFCA: Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area

GLTP: Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

GNP: Gonarezhou National Park

GMO: Genetically Modified Organism

GRU: Game Reserves United

GWP: Global Water Partnership

HAT: Working on fire: High Altitude Teams

HRA: Heritage Resources Act

HWC: Human-Wildlife Conflict


IAS: Invasive Alien Species

IAP: Invasive Alien Plants

I&Aps: Interested and affected parties

IBCF: Integrated Biodiversity Conservation Framework

ICM: Integrated Catchment Management

IUCMA: Inkomati Usuthu Catchment Management Agency

IDP: Integrated Development Plan

IMP: Integrated Management Plan

IP&Aps: Integrated Pollution and Water Management

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

ISP: Internal Strategic Perspective

IUCN: International Union for the Conservation of Nature

IWQMS: Integrated Water Quality Management System

IWRM: Integrated Water Resource Management


K2C: Kruger to Canyons

K2C NCU: Kruger to Canyons Network Coordinating Unit

KNP: Kruger National Park


LED: Local Economic Development

LEDET: Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism

LH: Livelihoods

LM: Local Municipulity

LOCORES : Lowveld Coordinated Research Forum

LT: Least Threatened

LUMB: Land Use Management Bill

LUMS: Land Use Management System


MA: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

MAB: Man and Biosphere

M&E: Monitoring and Evaluation

METT: Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MBCP: Mpumalanga Biodiversity Conservation Plan

MDEDET:  Mpumalanga Department of Economic Development, Environment and


MOZBIO: Mozambique Biofuel industry

MPA: Marine Protected Area

MPB: Mpumalanga Parks Board

MTPA: Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency


NBA: National Biodiversity Assessment

NBF: National Biodiversity Framework

NBSAP: National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

NEMA: National Environmental Management Act

NEMBA: National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act

NEMPA: National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act

NFA: National Forests Act

NFEPA: National Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas

NFSD: National Framework for Sustainable Development

NGO: Non-governmental organisation

NP: National Park

NPC: Non-Profit Company

NPAES: National Protected Area Expansion Strategy

NR: Nature Reserve

NRM: Natural Resource Management

NRMP: Natural Resource Management Programme/Plan

NSBA: National Spatial Biodiversity Assessment

NSDP: National Spatial Development Perspective

NSoER: National State of Environment Report

NSSD: National Strategy for Sustainable Development

NWA: National Water Act


OLEMF: Olifants and Letaba Environmental Management Framework

OLLI: Olifants. Luvuvhu, Letaba, Inkomati


OMPA: Offshore Marine Protected Area project

ORC: Olifants River Catchment

ORF: Olifants River Forum


PA: Protected Area

PES: Present Ecological State/Payments for Ecosystem Services\

PNR: Private Nature Reserve

RDL:  Red Data List

REC: Recommended Ecological Category

RESILIM: Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin Program

RHP: River Health Programme

RQO: Resource Quality Objective

RSDF: Regional Spatial Development Framework


SAEON: South African Environmental Observatory Network

SAIAB: South African Institute for Aquatic Biology

SANAP: South African National Antarctic Programme

SANBI: South African National Biodiversity Institute

SANCOR: South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research

SANParks: South African National Parks

SANParks: South African National Parks Biodiversity Social Projects

SAPIA: Southern Africa Plant Invader Atlas

SABIF: South African Biodiversity Information Forum

SAWC: South African Wildlife College

SBP: Systematic Biodiversity Planning

SCPE: Sekhukhuneland Centre of Plant Endemism

SDF: Spatial Development Framework

SEA: Strategic Environmental Assessment

SES: Social-Ecological System (also/previously Socio-Ecological System)

SEMP: Strategic Environmental Management Plan

SH: Stakeholder(s)

SIBIS: SANBI’s: Integrated Biodiversity Information System

SKEP: Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme

SOER: State of Environment Report

SQR: Status Quo Report

SRP: Social Responsibility Program

STEP: Subtropical Thicket Ecosystem Planning/programme

SUAR:  Sustainable Utilisation of Agricultural Resources Bill


TB: Tuberculosis

TEEB: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

TFCA: Transfrontier Conservation Area

TOPS: Threatened or Protected Species

YWP: Young Water Professionals

UNDP: United Nations Development Program

UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation

USAID:  United States Agency for International Development

USG: United States Governement

VSTEEP: Values, Social, Technical, Ecological, Economic, Political

VU: Vulnerable


WCS: Wildlife Conservation Society

WESSA: Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa

WfW: Working for Water

WISA: Water Institute of South Africa

WMA: Water Management Area

WoF: Working on Fire

WRC: Water Research Commission

WRF: Wits Rural Facility

WUA: Water Use Association

WUL: Water Use licence

WSA: Water Science Authority

WSP: Water Science Provider

WQ: Water Quality

WWF-SA: World Wide Fund for Nature, South Africa

WWTW: Waste Water Treatment Works

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