Subgrant: Capacity Development through Institutes of Higher Learning

Subgrant title: Capacity Development through Institutes of Higher Learning

This project proposes to

1) undertake a participatory assessment of existing learning programmes offered in IHLs with potential to strengthen and expand these for climate vulnerability responsiveness in areas of climate change resilience, water and biodiversity governance and management (including agriculture),

2) work with academics to form a learning network to share expertise and to revise or develop a set of 10 courses / Learning Programmes (2 per institution) for use in the Olifants Catchment context for ongoing human capacity development and social learning,

3) develop an e-learning and resources platform for shared knowledge resources and approaches to be used by the participating IHLs in learning programme innovation work,

4) support IHLs to submit their programmes for accreditation and quality assurance (depending on the system they are using internally). This initiative will strengthen the institutional capacity and expand intellectual capital in the Olifants Basin IHL system to ensure wider social learning and longer term engagement and institutionalisation with the work and objectives of the RESILIM-O programme. This is key to longer term sustainability of the RESILIM-O initiative and its outcomes and methodologies and to longer term climate resilience building in the catchment. The project will be implemented in two phases:
• Phase 1 (Year 1): Participatory Learning Programme Review; Learning Network Formation; e-learning platform and materials development
• Phase 2 (Year 2): Participatory Learning Programme development for accredited offerings in the five participating IHLs.