Subgrant: Conservation Based Entrepreneurship

Subgrant title: Conservation Based Entrepreneurship

Project activities are designed around achieving the goal to identify and design appropriate conservation-based entrepreneurship opportunities in priority areas of the Olifants Basin, as well as to develop capacity to identify, design and develop similar enterprises in future.

The objectives of these conservation-based entrepreneurship initiatives are to enhance biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation in high priority areas, and to contribute to meeting societal needs (i.e. sustainable development and poverty alleviation). This will include identifying alternative green enterprise options that apply the fair utilisation of natural resources without destroying the natural ecosystems, and emphasize the value of the ecological infrastructure and natural assets including protected areas.

The project activities are divided into two phases:
i) Phase 1: Scoping and encumbrance survey at the three pilot sites
ii) Phase 2: CbE concept development and enterprise planning

The project activities will be undertaken in the priority areas in the Olifants Basin focusing on the three target communities of Lekgalameetse, Mametja and Moletele.