Subgrant: Turnaround Plan for Mopani/Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works

Subgrant title: The Development and Implementation of a Turnaround Plan for Mopani/Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal Wastewater Treatment Works.

This subgrant falls under USAID’s municipal support initiatives.

The overarching goal of the USAID: RESILIM-O project is to reduce vulnerability to climate change through building improved transboundary water and biodiversity governance and management in the Olifants Basin, through the adoption of science-based strategies that enhance the resilience of its people and ecosystems through systemic and social learning approaches.

The purpose of this project is to scope a Turnaround Plan which focuses on supporting the most essential aspects of wastewater treatment in the Ba-Phalaborwa Local Municipality. The project is set within the regulatory and performance framework for wastewater treatment in South Africa, as per the Department of Water & Sanitation’s requirements. The Green Drop Certification programme is locally and internationally acclaimed to contain the best practice principles with regards to wastewater management, but recognizing the technical, financial, social and institutional pillars to deliver an efficient compliant treatment facility.

The project will be implemented through a phased approach, starting with the measurement of the performance of the WWTW before and after project implementation. Three wastewater treatment plants are targeted for improvement and capacity building, i.e. the Phalaborwa, Lulekani, and Namakwale wastewater treatment plants.

The collective design capacity of these plants are approximately 18 Ml/day and these facilities been classified by the Regulator as ‘critical’ and ‘high risk’ plants which contribute negatively to the receiving water resource and its downstream users.