A fifth of countries worldwide at risk from ecosystem collapse as biodiversity declines

Among G20 economies, South Africa and Australia top the rankings of fragile Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Index. The well-known impact of water scarcity is a driver for these countries, alongside factors such as coastal protection and pollination. The full article can be found here: www.swissre.com/media/news-releases/nr-20200923-biodiversity-and-ecosystems-services.html Table 1: G20 rankings for Swiss Re Institute BES.  We…

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2021 World Food Summit in Jeopardy: Civil Society Calls for A Review

Since the 1996 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation’s (FAO’s) World Food Summit (WFS) in Rome, civil society organisations (CSOs) supporting food sovereignty have created alliances across movements and initiated dialogues with governments and institutions to influence shifts in policy. This inclusive participatory process has involved, “thousands of representatives of small-scale food producers and…

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Mpumalanga Wetland Forum Newsletter

Each year, 2 February is celebrated as World Wetlands Day to mark the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance on 2 February 1971. This year the theme for World Wetlands Day is Wetlands and Climate Change, to reflect on and raise awareness around the value of wetlands and how the natural…

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