Support for climate change literacy and adaptation

In Southern Africa, local climates are heating up. There is an increase in frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events (thus also an increase in flood risk). Rainfall seasons are shifting and dry spells are more common (thus there is an increased risk of drought and reduced rainfall). Climate change requires urgent responses.

AWARD aims to reduce vulnerability to climate change and other factors by supporting collective action, informed adaptation strategies and practices and tenable institutional arrangements.

AWARD’s Climate Change projects

Dialogues for CC literacy & adaptation (DICLAD)


Integrating CC planning into Disaster Risk Reduction


Collaborative Water Resources Protection


Small Scale Climate Smart Agriculture

  • Lower Olifants-Mahlatini, Sekukhuneland- Ukuvuna



  • With support from our DKA funders we have been able to initiate a Climate-smart Agroecology Network with 32 members from partner organizations and related projects in the region. This has helped to foster collaborations which have improved total reach and created more integrated farmer support systems.
  • Opportunities for learning exchange visits between farmer learning groups in the lower and middle Olifants have boosted farmers’ confidence and pride and stimulated interest to innovate, for example, to engage in seed saving. These visits allow farmers to share experiences and practices, learn from their peers and strengthen their networks.
  • Two networks have been created specifically for youth in agroecology (Future Farmers and Permaculture Youth), to build on interest in the middle Olifants.
  • The “Don’t SEED my Right Network” is focused on farmer-centred advocacy on the right to food systems, especially access to seeds and the right to save and share seeds with others.