2050 Pathways Platform Workshop

As part of the consultation on its LEDS, the Department of Environmental Affairs, in partnership with the 2050 Pathways Platform will be hosting a workshop on the 6th and 7th March 2019. As preparation for this workshop Project 90 by 2030 and ACRP are hosting a meeting to discuss a CSO position. Please see details below. Date: 28 February…

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Mining in the upper Blyde river catchment

Transvaal Gold Mining Estates (TGME, under Stonewall Mining) has applied for an amendment to its existing mining right 83MR (originally granted in 2013) in the Pilgrims Rest area of the upper Blyde Catchment from its current form of underground mining to opencast mining (contour haul back mining). In conjunction with this it has also applied…

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Climate Litigation

The past year brought about several precedent setting court decisions and a growing number of lawsuits seeking to tackle climate change. In May, the Supreme Court of Colombia ruled in favour of a group of 25 children and youth, holding that their constitutional right to a healthy environment was being violated by deforestation in the…

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