Building climate change adaptation for a resilient Olifants Catchment

Resources: Using progressive realization and reasonableness to evaluate implementation lags in the South African water management reform process

Climate change affects virtually everything that we value including our well-being, livelihoods, economic development, water and biodiversity. Therefore, it is important to build the climate resilience of the people and the environment of the Olifants Catchment. The potential climatic impacts are already being observed in the Olifants Catchment. Although potentially devastating, we believe that by working together we can build a more resilient future for ourselves and our children. Thus AWARD’s work aims to reduce vulnerability to climate change and other factors by supportingcollective action, informed adaptation strategies and practices and tenable Institutional arrangements

Embedding climate change into our own RESILIM-Olifants work

Municipal Support

Planning and action (IDP) Disaster Management Plans Water Conservation and Demand Management


Integrated Water Resource Management

Understanding the potential impacts of climate change on water resources


Agriculture Support Intiative

Supporting climate change adaptation in agriculture


Collaborative Systems Dynamics Modelling

Understanding multiple systemic impacts through participatory group “modelling”