Project structure

AWARD has developed a project structure based on thematic areas of focus each with their own objectives, specific outcomes and activities. The four themes include:

Theme 1: Systemic Resilience approach, integration and coherency
Theme 2: Support for integrated water resources management
Theme 3: Support for integrated biodiversity conservation
Theme 4: Support for capacity development through social learning approaches.

Additionally, RESILIM O recognizes the need to facilitate the exchange of experiences with other basins, as well as to ensure strong internal governance and reflection processes. Each of these constitute additional objectives. Underpinning all of these themes is an integrated process of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL).

Each theme has specific objectives together with outcomes intended to achieve the overarching aim of the project. Themes 1 and 4 are overarching whilst Themes 2 and 3 are specific to issues of water and biodiversity. Theme 1 provides the framework for synthesizing and integrating work through a systemic resilience approach whilst Theme 4 grounds collaborative understanding of resilience practices and guides all activities in the theory and practice of learning for transformation (social learning). The project also takes a research orientation to implementation as there is not clear plan for building resilience in the ORB.

RESILIM O project structure

Supporting the work above are the activities of two further sub-objectives designed to facilitate interactions and learning with other initiatives such as experiences from different river basin organisations (e.g. Catchment Management Agencies or Land Care) and to ensure strong and effective organisational governance.

RESILIM O project structure _continued

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RESILIM-O is funded by USAID