Dr. Cryton Zazu

Natural Resource Management & Agro-ecological Project Coordinator

Dr Cryton Zazu joined AWARD as the Natural Resources Management and Agri-Ecological Project Coordinator. In this position Cryton provides an oversight and management of climate-smart agro-ecological projects in the rural areas of the Olifants River Catchment, as well as support biodiversity and capacity development with a focus on initiatives that promote NRM custodianship (focusing more on youth). He is also involved in synthesising and communicating the outputs from earlier AWARD work. Dr Zazu has more than 16 years’ professional experience of working in the broader context of environment and sustainable development in the SADC region. He holds among other academic and professional qualifications a PhD in Environment and Sustainability Education. His research interests revolve around the integration of indigenous knowledge systems into mainstream environment and sustainability policy and practices.