Ancois C. De Villiers

Junior Researcher -Rapporteur

Ancois is a junior researcher at AWARD. Her qualifications including a MSc in both Conservation Ecology (Stellenbosch University, 2013) and Environmental Anthropology (University of Kent, 2015). A receiptiant of a SKILL Scholarship from the South African-VU-University Amsterdam-Strategic Alliances (SAVUSA), an Innovation Bursary from National Research Foundation (NRF) and a Commonwealth Scholarship from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) and Government of the United Kingdom. Her working experience includes research and development projects related to rangeland management, ecosystem service assessments, and ecosystem-based adaptation. This including contributions to projects under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programmes (UNEP), as well as locally-based NGOs. Currently, she is exploring the emerging science and practice of climate change communication and capacity building. For RESILIM-O, her work focuses on embedding climate change adaptation in planning processes and disaster risk reduction in local government.