Dr. Taryn M Kong

Systems and Climate Change Actions Researcher

Dr Taryn M Kong has a transdisciplinary background with a BBA in Accounting and a PhD in Natural Resources Studies, specialising in ecology and applied anthropology. She has worked on a range of climate change adaptation projects for multi- and bi-lateral donors, UN agencies, development banks, provincial and local government and NGOs. In addition, she has seven years of experience working on ecology and management issues of land degradation and restoration of arid and semiarid environments. Her climate change work includes development of adaptation interventions (e.g. ecosystem-based adaptation (EdA), capacity development, private investment in adaptation and disaster risk reduction), vulnerability and risk assessments (e.g. Collaborative Resilience Assessment Process), and evaluation of adaptation projects. At AWARD, she is responsible for developing and implementing project activities to enhance integration of climate change adaptation at local government level and other RESILIM-O project activities. She also manages analysis of climate information and strategies for climate communication and capacity development.