At the Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD), we recognize that the natural world’s resources are limited and undergoing rapid depletion and transformation. We know that current practices of use and management are inadequate to deal with the rapid changes and challenges we’re facing.

You can read more about our award-winning work by reviewing various current and past projects. While we continue to build our website, you’re welcome to email for more information.

AWARD is a Not-for-profit Organisation

Some of the things that matter to us as an organisation are:

Sustainable futures

Innovative research

Learning & sharing

AWARD's projects

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USAID: ‘Resilience in the Limpopo Basin Program’ (RESILIM) Olifants (O) is a five-year, $10.7 million program implemented by the Association for Water and Rural Development.


The Wise Use of Wetlands Project works with communities to ensure that the rehabilitation of wetlands is sustainable. The project started in response to issues that the national Working for Wetlands programme noted following rehabilitation efforts.

The SWELL programme

The Securing Water to Enhance Local Livelihoods (SWELL) programme sought to to enable collaborative, participatory planning to increase water security for poor and vulnerable people 

Save the Sand Programme

The Save the Sand Programme (SSP) promoted the practices of Integrated Catchment Management and Land Care in South Africa, using the Sand River Catchment as a test case.

The Shared Rivers Initiative

Initiated in 2007, this study was designed to answer one central question: ‘What factors enable us to keep the lowveld rivers flowing?”.