Subgrant: Sustainable Forestry

Subgrant title: Sustainable Forestry

Project activities are designed around achieving the goal to enhance capacity within the forestry sector to implement best practice and comply with national standards for the SFM, with a focus on biodiversity conservation and water resource management.

The project activities are divided into two phases:
Phase 1: Situation assessment – this phase will primarily involve a situation analysis to collectively understand the environmental challenges (in particular alien invasive species and water resource management) associated with plantation forestry in the Blyde and Klaserie sub-catchments, and align these with the compliance, monitoring and enforcement requirements prescribed in South Africa’s National Standard for SFM and further relevant legislation
Phase 2: Planning and capacity development – this phase focusses on collaboratively developing capacity among (i) relevant authorities to monitor and enforce the requirements of the South African national Standard (and relevant legislation), and (ii) forest owners and managers and other relevant environmental programmes to comply with the requirement of the national standard for SFM
The project activities will focus on the priority areas in the Blyde and Klaserie sub-catchments of the Olifants Basin as identified in the RESILIM-O project.