Collaborative Water Resources Protection

Collaborative exploration of water resources protection – different scenarios

Disaster management staff discussing the importance of implementing the recommendations for flood risk reduction developed under RESILiM-O at the Maruleng DMAF meeting, August 2018

Sharon Pollard (AWARD) presenting a demonstration on the use of the Flow Tracker App as part of an early warning system to inform disaster management during the Shared Learning event in July.

In 2015 AWARD initiated an innovative approach to support climate change planning and action using a collaborative process. Based on qualitative systems dynamic modelling, this involved working with stakeholders to supports them to ‘build a collaborative picture’ of how things are linked in an area of concern, say a degrading river and water supply (creating a model of the way a the system of interest works) and then exploring how change reverberates through the system (using so-called formal dynamic modelling). This work is now referred to as CoDyM for short and uses a systemic and collaborative social learning approach.