Institutional Collaboration

Institutionalisation of systemic and collaborative action through capacity building

Systemic collaborative action can be institutionalised through capacity development. Close to 200 institutions with improved capacity and over 1 000 people trained in each of the two programme areas of natural resource management and climate change. In addition, a large number of policies were developed or influenced through RESILiM-O. – specific to RESILiM-O

Working with a range of partners and stakeholders AWARD focuses on capacity development to build resilience in a range of ways:

Municipal Support

  • Supporting the development of resilient local government structures and functioning

Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Support

  • Supporting civil society to be proactive and resilient

Internship programme

  • Building capacity in young professionals

Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs)

  • Creating a platform for universities and higher learning institutions to share ideas on resilience

Using theory to support social learning processes

  • Using theory to support social learning processes