Causal Loop Diagram developed by stakeholders in Motetema, Middle Olifants, August 2018

Collaborative exploration of water resources protection – different scenarios

In 2015 AWARD initiated an innovative approach to support climate change planning and action using a collaborative process. Based on qualitative systems dynamic modelling, this involved working with stakeholders to supports them to ‘build a collaborative picture’ of how things are linked in an area of concern, say a degrading river and water supply (creating a model of the way a the system of interest works) and then exploring how change reverberates through the system (using so-called formal dynamic modelling). This work is now referred to as CoDyM for short and uses a systemic and collaborative social learning approach.

Photo montage from the multi-stakeholder workshop held on 3rd November 2016 in Phalaborwa
Small-scale farmers discussing the implications of changes in water availability on farming at the CoDyM agriculture workshop in October 2016_2