The Collaborative Dynamic Modelling (CoDyM) pilot process in the Selati sub-catchment [link to CoDyM webpage] has developed a simulation model to support collaborative planning, communication between stakeholders, and improving systems thinking capacity in the Olifants River Catchment.

The primary way in which system behaviour was presented in ResiMod was via time series graphs (sometimes called ‘behaviour over time’ graphs). Although these graphs are a common way of presenting outputs from this type of systems model, AWARD recognised that the model could be made more accessible for wider audiences from different social and professional backgrounds with varying levels of technical experience and formal education.

A software development company was therefore contracted by AWARD as part of RESILIM-O and began work in early 2018 on a visual user interface (VUI) for ResiMod. The contracted company, BTN, specialises in combining storytelling, maths, and purposeful design to make mathematical models that are as intuitive as they are insightful. 

The resulting ResiMod VUI aims to provide stakeholders with an easier-to-use avenue for understanding and simulating ResiMod thereby making the model and its insights more accessible to a wider audience. The app runs on Windows and, as of mid-2019, is in the final stages of development.


Key features of the app include:

  • Interactive visualisation: Users are able to interact with the 2D visualisation I different ways, including zooming in and out and tapping on visual elements.
  • Visual representation of simulation results: The results of simulating the model are represented by simple animations.
  • Control elements: Users can change the inputs to the model and turn on/off parts of the model using control elements (such as sliders and switches).

Two screenshots of the current build of the ResiMod VUI are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 below. For further information about the app, please contact Dr Jai Clifford-Holmes ( from AWARD or Mr Ninad Jagdish ( from BTN.

Figure 2: Causal loop diagram (CLD) view of the ResiMod VUI. Developed by BTN Pty Ltd. For AWARD.
Figure 1: 2.5d stage view of the ResiMod VUI. Developed by BTN Pty Ltd. For AWARD.