Institutionalisation of systemic and collaborative action through capacity building

Systemic collaborative action can be institutionalised through capacity development. AWARD has supported close to 200 institutions with improved capacity and over 4000 people have been trained in each of the two programme areas of natural resource management and climate change. In addition, a large number of policies were developed or influenced through RESILiM-O.

Working with a range of partners and stakeholders AWARD focuses on capacity development to build resilience in a range of ways:

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Municipal Support Initiative (MSI)[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Support[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Internship Programme[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs)[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth_last” class=”” background=””]Using theory to support social learning processes[/column_content]

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Institutional Support Resources

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