The FlowTracker app for Android. Flows for each DWS gauge station can be tracked on realtime. Data for the previous year is shown and where available, the EWRs are indicated. FlowTracker also tracks dam levels and provides rainfall forecasts
The urgent need to monitor flows in realtime catalysed the development of the FlowTracker app created by AWARD. Whilst South Africa has excellent policies for protection of water resources, implementation remains a challenge. One constraint has been the ability to monitor flow compliance against the Reserve (or Environmental Water Requirements) in realtime. Reacting to declining flows and non-compliance means being able to react immediately. Current data availability can delay this process by up to two weeks. Thus, the FlowTracker mobile app tracks river flow and dam levels in real time and gives rainfall forecasts. This allows the user to track flows against the Reserve (Environmental Water Requirements). The public version of the Flow Tracker mobile application was launched in March 2017. Available at more by downloading our FlowTracker info brochure, click here.