AWARD receives SANParks Appreciation Award in recognition for its work in support of IWRM and flows into Kruger National Park (2017)
Internationally, water resources are facing increasing pressure due to over-exploitation and pollution. To address such issues of water security, a suite of integrated water resource decision-support tools is being developed to guide water resource managers in making short- and long-term strategic adaptive operational decisions and to build resilience. Both the tools and training have been trialled in the Olifants River Catchment since 2017. A mobile app (Flow Tracker) to track flow in realtime has been developed – a first for the region and country! We also strive to ensure that this DSS is embedded within a wider governance system for resilience building.  

[column_content type=”one_third” class=”” background=””]FlowTracker supports real-time flow monitoring[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_third” class=”” background=””]The InWaRDS Decision-support for integrated water resources management in the Olifants[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_third_last” class=”” background=””]AWARD installs duplicate flow and water quality gauges for early warning in the lower Olifants[/column_content]