‘Small-scale farming’, ‘backyard gardening’, ‘village food production’… call it what you will, this kind of agriculture has received inadequate attention – and is even scorned – as a means of building regional food security. Despite some lip service, the lack of meaningful engagement is evidenced in the lack of support by government departments, financial institutions, markets and even consumers. However, with global climate change and pressures such as COVID-19, commercial production and food distribution networks are failing. Local food production, short supply chains and agro-ecological practices are emerging as an important contributor to food security, and at times even as an alternative to large-scale food producing monopolies. In this webinar we introduce the Agriculture Support Initiative under USAID:RESILIM Olifants and its efforts to support scale-scale farmer networks and agro-ecological skill development in order to build a more resilient and climate-smart means of food production throughout the Olifants Basin.

Webinar Resources

Soil and Water Conservation in Agroecology – What can we as farmers do?

– Sharon Pollard & Derick du Toit

This brochure for farmers and practitioners aims to support the practices of agroecology by providing a simple framework (the five fingers of a hand) for remembering five key agroecology principles

Climate Smart Agriculture – Lower Olifants Catchment 

– AWARD & Mahlathini Development Foundation

This booklet explains the RESILIM O AgriSI project in the lower Olifants Catchment.

AgriSI Farmer Baseline Report Sekororo Turkey village

– Erna Kruger & Sylvester Selala 

This study is a baseline report for the AgriSI Project in Sekororo.

Agriculture Support Initiative Lower Olifants: Project Summary 

– AWARD & Mahlathini Development Foundation

Summary of a project for increased adaptive capacity and climate change resilience  in eight villages of the Lower Olifants River.

Climate Adaptation in Small-Scale Agriculture [Middle Olifants Catchment]


This is a project summary of the AgriSI project in Sekhukhune District, Olifants Catchment.

Agriculture Support Initiative – Support to Farmers and Local Facilitators

– Crayton Zazu & Bigboy Mkhabela

A tour of farmers busy with agroecology practices is documented in the report.

Monitoring Progress – Farmer Field Visits (Agriculture Support Initiative) 

– Crayton Zazu & Bigboy Mkhabela

A visit to farmers facing the challenges of implementing agroecological approaches.

Medicinal & Edible Herbs used by Farmers in the Lower & Middle Olifants Catchment (English and Sepedi)

– Bigboy Mkhabela

Here is a simple guide to some of the edible medicinal herbs that small-scale farmers in the Olifants are growing. It is in both English and Sepedi.