Support for water security and water resources protection through transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Water resources underpin every part of peoples’ livelihoods. Both water quality and quantity continue to deteriorate under drivers of change such as mining, waste-water treatment works, industry, urbanisation, the spread of alien invasive plants and agriculture. Climate change is likely to profoundly affect water resources as the predicted increasing temperatures affect water storage (including in the soil) through evapotranspiration and an increase in extreme events (floods and droughts).

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Drought Relief!
Working with partners to keep the Olifants flowing

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Support for systemic, participatory governance of water resources[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]IWRM training for improved water security in the Olifants[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]AWARD recognised for IWRM efforts[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth_last” class=”” background=””]IWRM tools for systemic approaches[/column_content]


[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Networks for collective IWRM launched[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Protected areas join hands to monitor river health[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Improving water quality effluent from Phalaborwa WWTW[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth” class=”” background=””]Support for Water Conservation Demand Management in municipalities[/column_content]

[column_content type=”one_fifth_last” class=”” background=””]Building resilience through mangrove restoration[/column_content]


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Water Related Resources

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