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A visual record for 2007 of the “Building capacity for changed practices” project conducted in the Craigieburn Wetlands of the Sand River Catchment, South Africa, by AWARD and funded by WWF SA

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Natural resources management in the former Bantustans was effected through the Traditional Authorities. This system, deeply resented, has been contested following the political changes of 1994. Today, while their political status is increasing, they are variously effective and contested at local level – but in many instances have lost authority and capacity and support of …

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Drawing up a budget & arranging finances Useful equipment Participant are informed about Arrangements with hosts Roles of the facilitation team members & dealing with emergencies

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In this paper we will reflect upon the theoretical underpinnings of a project conducted in a South African village bordering on a valley wetland in order to contribute to the discourse of natural resources management. The wetland, located at the foothills of the Drankensberg Mountains in eastern Mpumalanga Province, is a lifeline for roughly one …

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